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Unipharma Products Pvt. Ltd. is a rapid-growing Bio-pharmaceutical equipment supplier with an aspiration to provide world-class equipment with special emphasis on Mission Critical Post-Sales Client Support. Having an accomplished team of expert Bio-instrumentation technicians, Engineers & Bio-technologists with a rich experience of over a decade, the in-house teams of professionals & experts have hands-on experience in maintaining & supporting complex equipment efficiently.

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The Team boasts of Industry Experts with an experience of over a decade in handling
prestigious projects.

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    Our Prestigious Projects

    Let us introduce some of our implemented projects along with case studies

    National Institute of Biologicals, India
    Autoclaves & Rack & Cage Washers
    Syngene International Limited, India
    VHP VICTORY™ Biodecontamination Unit
    Fresenius Kabi, India
    VHP M1000-T4 Biodecontamination System

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    In Addition to bringing the best the world has to offer to India. We also ensure to offer our best to cater to all your Bio Pharma Needs.

    Project Consultation

    With over 14+ Years of Experience our team of experts take care of all your project consultation needs.

    Decontamination Expertise

    We believe Exceptional Projects come with complex obstacles that can be effortlessly handled by our team.

    Calibration Services

    All your calibration requirements in tune with the best facilities the world has to offer.

    Pan India AMC Support

    With over 16 Regional offices and network of Technical Engineers, We are just a call away.

    Industry News

    Read here all our recent news, tips, reports and everything related to our business and industry

    Glove Box India

    Unipharma Products Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality glove boxes that offer excellent value for money by providing the best possible after-sales support. Protect your products and...

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    Biosafety Cabinet India

    LabGard Biosafety Cabinets (BSC), also known as Biological Safety Cabinets, provide personnel, and environmental protection in the biomedical/microbiological lab through laminar airflow and HEPA filtration. Our BSCs are the...

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    Laminar Airflow Cabinet | LAF Cabinet

    The term “laminar” refers to a constant, unidirectional flow of air with little or no turbulence. The airflow velocity stays between 0.3 and 0.5 meters per second. The goal...

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    ETO Sterilizer India

    Unipharma Products Pvt. Ltd is a well-known manufacturer of ETO sterilizers India. The business produces high-quality EO sterilizers for hospitals and medical schools. The company has set high standards...

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    Plasma Sterilizer India

    Plasma is the fourth state of matter, after liquid, solid, gas, and plasma. When a gas is heated in a strong electromagnetic field, plasma is formed. Plasma is an...

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    Glassware Washer India

    Glassware Washer India Today, a laboratory Glassware Washer is an essential piece of equipment in each lab. The glassware washer aids in the efficient and cost-effective cleaning and drying...

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    Autoclave India

    The Life Sciences Industry relies heavily on autoclaves. Validating sterilization cycles is essential for ensuring the sterility of products, components, and tools, among other things. The capacity (number of...

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    Jim Polarine awarded MICHAEL S KORCZYNSKI AWARD

    The Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) has awarded Jim Polarine, Technical Services Manager of STERIS Life Sciences the MICHAEL S. KORCZYNSKI AWARD.

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    STERIS Launches ProKlenz ® Foam High Performance Alkaline Cleaner and ProKlenz® RESTORE High Performance Acid-Based Cleaner

    STERIS Corporation announces the global launch of ProKlenz® FOAM High Performance Alkaline Cleaner and ProKlenz® RESTORE High Performance Acid-Based Cleaner.

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    STERIS Corporation Launches Spor-Klenz Ready to Use Disinfectant Wipes

    STERIS Corporation announces the addition of Spor-Klenz Ready to Use Disinfectant Wipes to its extensive product offerings for cleanroom disinfectant applications

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    Unipharma is the right choice for all your Bio-Pharmaceutical Requirements.