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Laminar Airflow Cabinet | LAF Cabinet

The term “laminar” refers to a constant, unidirectional flow of air with little or no turbulence. The airflow velocity stays between 0.3 and 0.5 meters per second. The goal of adopting such workstations in the lab is to provide a particle and bacteria-free working environment in which to perform specific tasks. These units do not provide personal protection because they release air towards the user, but they do give product protection from room contaminants. Laminar airflow is abbreviated as LAF.

We are Unipharma Pvt. Ltd. And our Laminar Airflow Cabinet, LAF Cabinet system is useful for Life science research, microbiology, mushroom cultivation, IVF, IUI, plant tissue, histopathology/pathology lab,  and cell culture, pharmaceutical and electronics sector, and many other applications.

The workspace has been thoughtfully constructed by our experts for ease of use and cleaning. Stainless steel is used to construct the workstation. The air/gas cock and the electricity outlet are both standard fittings. Fluorescent lights are used for lighting. A manual sliding door (sash) constructed of translucent acrylic plastic covers the front side of the working space.

Moreover, we can customize more functions and features as per the requirements of our customers. It has an LCD for air velocity, time, and lamp on/off status. If needed, a germicidal UV lamp, an extra electrical outlet, and a magnetic gauge are also included.

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