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Plasma Sterilizer India

Plasma is the fourth state of matter, after liquid, solid, gas, and plasma. When a gas is heated in a strong electromagnetic field, plasma is formed. Plasma is an inherently unstable state of matter in which the number of electrons increases or decreases. As a result, plasma is an ionized gas that is neither stable nor stable and has either a negative or positive charge. Fire, lighting, the stars, the sun, and other natural phenomena are examples of plasma.

At Unipharma Products Pvt. Ltd. we create and manufacture a variety of hydrogen peroxide (h2o2) low-temperature plasma sterilizer devices that are affordable to hospitals all over the world. These systems sterilize a variety of medical devices, including surgical endoscopes and other attachments, using trusted technology and expanded capabilities. Even lengthy, narrow lumens can be disinfected efficiently! These Plasma sterilizers have modern technology for safe low-temperature sterilization with hydrogen peroxide as the sterilization agent and plasma technology within the chamber with uniform Plasma dispersion.

Our company is a one-stop-shop for high-quality Plasma Sterilizer India that is manufactured and developed to fulfill demanding quality standards and distributed throughout India. We’d love to hear from you, so please contact us via email or phone. Choose from our basic models or send us your customized requirements, and we will provide you with a competitive estimate. We guarantee that you will receive highly individualized treatment.

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  • Sandeep Aggarwal
    1 year ago

    We are setting up manufacturing unit for packaging and sterlisation of Medical Devices like Stents, Catheters, guide wires related to heart, neuro etc.

    Please send us prices of various units that you manufacture with their prices and technical specifications.

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