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STERIS Launches ProKlenz ® Foam High Performance Alkaline Cleaner and ProKlenz® RESTORE High Performance Acid-Based Cleaner

STERIS Corporation announces the global launch of ProKlenz® FOAM High Performance Alkaline Cleaner and ProKlenz® RESTORE High Performance Acid-Based Cleaner. Both products have unique applications for use in cGMP manufacturing. ProKlenz FOAM Cleaner is particularly effective against fats, oils, and organic soils for use on large manufacturing equipment. ProKlenz RESTORE Cleaner removes rouge on product equipment at low temperatures and concentrations.

“ProKlenz FOAM Cleaner offers our Customers an easier and more efficient way to clean large pieces of equipment over traditional manual cleaning” comments Michael Gietl, Senior Product Manager for STERIS Life Sciences. “Stainless steel maintenance programs are crucial to sustaining the longevity and safety of the equipment. A robust maintenance program should be in place to ensure maximum uptime and minimize risk. Both ProKlenz FOAM Cleaner and ProKlenz RESTORE Cleaner are important additions to our product offering suited for stainless steel maintenance.”

ProKlenz FOAM Cleaner has a high foaming system with emulsification and dispersion properties for effective cleaning, even at low use-concentrations. The stable foam increases surface contact time for a vigorous clean without high levels of manual scrubbing. Due to the alkaline compatible and biodegradable surfactant system, ProKlenz FOAM Cleaner promotes cost-effective and efficient cleaning with one high foaming product. The high foaming system and free rinsing formula minimize utility consumption to support environmental initiatives.

ProKlenz RESTORE Cleaner is an engineered detergent with biodegradable surfactants for type I rouge removal and all-purpose cleaning. Unlike other commonly used derouging agents, ProKlenz RESTORE Cleaner performs better at lower temperatures and concentrations to remove type I rouge. The low foaming and free rinsing formula minimize utility consumption in high-impingement systems found in clean-in-place (CIP) and clean-out-of-place (COP) stainless steel equipment. ProKlenz FOAM Cleaner and ProKlenz RESTORE Cleaner are globally available for use in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic, and nutraceutical industries.

These products have an extensive documentation package to meet your validation objectives and are supported by the STERIS Technical Services team for individualized application and validation assistance. Our Formulated Chemistries Technical Services Group has the knowledge, the know-how, and the tools to deliver unparalleled service. We are a trusted resource, bringing together multiple technical disciplines and decades of hands-on experience serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and related industries. For more information about this and other STERIS formulated chemistry products, please visit

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