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Biosafety Cabinet India

LabGard Biosafety Cabinets (BSC), also known as Biological Safety Cabinets, provide personnel, and environmental protection in the biomedical/microbiological lab through laminar airflow and HEPA filtration. Our BSCs are the appropriate solution for USP 800 compliance for Sterile Hazardous Drug Compounding due to application-specific designs. To ensure that all cabinets fulfill the performance criteria NSF/ANSI 49 and EN12469, they are rigorously tested. Class II cabinets developed and built for this purpose should be utilized when dangerous substances or radionuclides are used as adjuncts to biological studies or pharmaceutical operations.

In laboratories where pathogens or other potentially harmful microbes are present, biosafety cabinets are routinely utilized. The biological safety cabinets are meant to keep germs from the diseased sample from escaping into the surrounding environment. Before leaving the cabinet, all air passes through high-efficiency particle air filters, which remove pathogens such as germs and viruses from the air. It’s also made sure the air doesn’t blow directly towards the users.

Unipharma Products Pvt. Ltd. Biosafety Cabinet India is kept to high-quality standards, has the best design, and is unique. With modern technology, we believe we can give a high level of protection to the operator, sample, and environment. We make the greatest biosafety cabinets thanks to our extensive track record of protection, durability, and performance.

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