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Glassware Washer India

Glassware Washer India

Today, a laboratory Glassware Washer is an essential piece of equipment in each lab. The glassware washer aids in the efficient and cost-effective cleaning and drying of lab containers.  Our Glassware Washer India is a laboratory glassware washer from Unipharma’s collection of laboratory glassware washers; the glassware is made comprised of a glass door that aids in great visibility.

Unipharma Products Pvt. Ltd. strives to be a leading provider and distributor of laboratory solutions in the Life Science Industry. With a varied array of innovative products and solutions that meet the demands of our customers, we have become a vital component of India’s bioresearch community.

Our glassware 316 L stainless steel washing chamber is equipped with a high-efficiency steam condenser for the thorough cleaning of laboratory glassware. Moreover, our Glassware Washer is noted for properly cleaning laboratory glassware while adhering to the expected high standards of any laboratory.

Our laboratory glassware washer is a cost-effective and efficient alternative for your lab. Moreover, our Glassware washers come in a variety of sizes.  Bottom and top racks on most of the glassware washers accommodate accessory inserts for a huge range of glassware shapes as well as sizes. Glassware washers are available in both under-counter and freestanding configurations.

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