For business’ in developing the drugs, vaccines, and therapeutics for pharmaceuticals that provides the most advanced medicines in the world. STERIS in association with Unipharma in India, provides you with the equipment and formulated chemistry to support you from upstream through downstream and formulation and fill.

We know that you need flexibility for small or large batch production as well as producing a variety of dosage forms ranging from vials to pre-filled syringes. We can help you maintain a sterile environment while controlling your process every step of the way.


VHP M1000 – T4

VHP M1000 – T4

A pharmaceutical-grade VHP system for fast, continuous, large-enclosure bio decontamination in applications such as pharmaceutical, aseptic filling, and those requiring integration into an AHS/HVAC system.

STERIS’ VHP® M1000-T4 is a high capacity, safe & environmentally friendly method to allow for easy & efficient daily decontamination of large spaces.

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STERIS VHP LTS-V Low Temperature Sterilizer

Saves biologics manufacturers time and money with the on-site hydrogen peroxide sterilization of pre-filled syringes and delivery devices containing temperature and/or radiation sensitive drug products.

The STERIS VHP® LTS-V Low Temperature System is an exciting technology breakthrough, which allows biologics manufacturers to sterilize pre-filled syringes and other temperature sensitive parental devices on premise, avoiding the time and expense of off-site sterilization services and/or reducing the need for class 100 processing space.

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STERIS VHP LTS-V Low Temperature Sterilizer